The consequence of littering battery

诚信网投开奖Many people throw photovoltaic cells into the garbage can after using them。 In fact, this is quite unprotected behavior, which will cause great damage to the environment。

When disposable batteries enter the garbage can, they first follow the garbage truck to the garbage dump, and then they are dumped into a fixed landfill. After the诚信网投开奖 batteries are buried in the soil, heavy metal materials inside the batteries will gradually permeate into the soil as rain washes away and soil erodes. Heavy metal pollution is a kind of non-degradable pollution, which can only be purified by nature itself and consume heavy metal elements slowly.

The soil containing excessive heavy metals can not grow vegetables, melons and fruits, which are edible plants。 Otherwise, excessive heavy metals will enter the human body and cause pathological changes of human organs and disorders of human functions。

Therefore, we should learn to collect waste disposable batteries and throw them away when there is a unified collection, rather than throwing them into the garbage can. Or, we can choose to buy a battery charger, use the corresponding batteries, and then use the charger to charge after the electricity is consumed, so that the environment will not be polluted.

Using battery charger is a good way to solve the problem of pollution of disposable batteries. The life of rechargeable batteries is much longer than that of disposable batteries, which conforms to the concept of low carbon environmental protection. Moreover, the performance-price ratio of rechargeable batteries is higher than that of disposable batteries. Buying several rechargeable batteries can be recycled many times. Therefore, in order to protect the environment, we should try our best to use less disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries.

--- Shenzhen Green-Digital Power-Tech Co. Ltd 

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