What is the function of the Y capacitor in the charger?

When charging the charger, it will cause undue spontaneous combustion when it is charged. It will cause cell phone damage, even if it is electrocuted during charging. All this stems from the quality of electronic components in the charger. The cell phone charger y capacitor is used for common mode filtering, which is connected to L between ground or N to the ground to filter the common mode signals of L to ground or N to ground. The Y capacitance is usually used symmetrically, and the main functions are bypass; decoupling; filtering; energy storage.
At the primary end of the force, there is a capacitor of resistance to pressure 400V, that is the main filter capacitor, filter the clutter after the city electric rectifier, so that the back circuit can get a more stable DC sine wave, only the less clutter, the better the stability of the circuit. As for the capacitor selection of the 400V voltage, the switch circuit will have more than 300 two ends of the capacitor. The voltage drop and the electric instantaneous peak voltage are added, so if the pressure value is too small, the capacitance will crack, and the output capacitance depends on its output voltage to select the suitable pressure value, such as the 5V voltage resistance value is 10V, and the capacitor is also a filter to make the charger output stable DC, as for the size of the capacity, the front resistance is resistant. The larger capacitor generally chooses 47~470uF, and the output capacitance is 100~1000uF. In principle, the larger the capacity is, the better the capacity, but in fact the larger the capacity, the greater the leakage current, the Y capacitor can communicate with the DC. So when we charge a cell phone, we need to choose a good charger. The quality of the Y capacitor is directly related to the quality of the charger.
As the Y capacitor in the mobile charger, the quality assurance is very important. When choosing the Y capacitor, the selection must have the authentication of the safety inspection organization and the safety regulations of the various industrial countries, and the general products have the certification signs.
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The mobile charger y capacitor is used for the common mode filter. In principle, the bigger the capacity is, the better the capacity. But the larger the leakage current is, the greater the leakage current is, the Y capacitor can communicate with the DC. So we should choose the good charger when charging the mobile phone, and the quality of the Y capacitor is the direct charger.

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